Here’s a clip from the Professor Woody course in Brick Dust University.

This clip is titled: Professor Woody on squaring the ball up, achieving balance & comfort at the plate.

Finding the sweet spot starts with having a plan at the plate with an approach that translates to an efficient swing.

Professor Woody touches on what this mindset should look and feel like for softball players looking to compete with 100% confidence at the plate.

Softball Tips Quotes From Professor Woody

“The sweet spot…let’s just say you got a barrel for a reason, use the whole thing!”

“I don’t really focus on where on a bat I’m making contact as long as I am getting through the ball.”

“The body wants to be in balance. So allow it to be in balance.”

“I want my weight pretty much about “sixty, forty” or pretty much neutral w/ good tension over my knees so when I go into, my step, I’m balanced, I’m good. If you push me, I’m not gonna fall over.”

You don’t just get into the batter’s box and just “go…Right? You set yourself with a purpose, and I wanna be in an athletic position!”

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After an All-American & Hall of Fame inducted playing career at San Jose State University, Noleana “Woody” Woodard went on to coach at University of North Carolina, La Sierra University, University of LaVerne, and at her D1 alma mater.

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