If you have skills but they’re not showing up in the game, it’s probably not a skills issue. You’re probably making one of these 3 common fastpitch softball hitting approach mistakes.

Having an effective fastpitch softball hitting approach really comes down to knowing how to set each at-bat up for success and knowing how to avoid certain pitfalls at the plate that cause you to throw away at-bats.

If you’re a hitter looking to refine your approach, here are 3 common softball hitting approach mistakes that we’ve seen.

  1. Pulling balls you shouldn’t be pulling. Rolling over.

Chances are, I haven’t seen you play but I would imagine that most of your bad at-bats are from rolling over because you’re out in front.
The better you are at using the whole field, driving the ball from gap to gap, the more consistent you’ll be with making hard, solid contact.
Try this approach fix: drive the ball back up the middle. This keeps your swing compact, staying through the ball consistently.
Now, we’re avoiding the rollover and if we get beat on the fastball and we’re in a position to stay inside the pitch enough to still drive it to the outfield.
  1. Not ready to hit.

How often does this happen? You get a fastball right down the middle and you freeze?

You want to know why? Because you weren’t ready to hit. You were waiting to see if it was a ball or strike before deciding to swing. Too late!

Assuming every single pitch is going to be the pitch you can handle is the only way you’re going to show up on time at the plate!

It’s a strike until it’s not. This is one softball hitting approach we see many hitters fall victim to.

  1. Poor pitch selection

How often do we swing at balls out of the zone?

While at the plate, if you have to leave your poster, it’s not a strike.

All good hitters swing at good pitches that they can handle.

How do you do this? Be selectively aggressive.

Know what pitch you’re looking for early in the count. When you get it, compete with the mentality that you’re going to crush that pitch.

At the end of the day, what will dictate how effective your softball hitting approach will be is your ability to compete.

Be a better competitor than you are a softball player, that will be how you avoid these 3 Common Fastpitch Softball Hitting Approach Mistakes.

Take it to the next level.

Okay – so now we have the right approach at the plate – we can start adjusting our pre-at-bat routines, which is important.

Professor Woody drops some knowledge on the importance of watching the pitcher, and how to go about doing it the right way.


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After an All-American & Hall of Fame inducted playing career at San Jose State University, Noleana “Woody” Woodard went on to coach at the University of North Carolina, La Sierra University, University of LaVerne, and at her D1 alma mater.



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